5th MAB/PES Workshop:  Associate Professor Kaoruko Kurata Lecture (May 24, ’22)

Associate Professor Kaoruko Kurata (Faculty of Education, Interfaculty Graduate School) gave a lecture entitled “Steps towards coexistence with nature in Galapagos, World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve” from 10:30 on May 24 (Tue) by Teams, based on her experience of staying in the Galapagos Islands for one year in 2010-2011, and there were many participants from inside and outside of the university.

At the beginning, it was explained that the Galapagos Islands are near the equator, but the temperature is not so high at about 32°C even in summer, and it is designated as a biosphere reserve.
It was a very interesting lecture on a wide variety of topics such as nature conservation in Galapagos, environmental energy issues, and acceptance of residents and tourists.
Professor Kurata and her students are having an on-site conversation with a person working at the Darwin Research Center, which is in charge of managing the national park.
Following the one and a half hour lecture, there was a discussion with Professor Fumito Koike and Professor Hiroyuki Matsuda, and the very meaningful lecture ended.