Dr. Tetra Yanuariadi

Dr. Tetra Yanuariadi is the ITTO Projects Manager of Trade and Industry (since 2008) where goals include enhancing SFM in the tropics while expanding and diversifying the trade in tropical wood products from sustainably managed and legally harvested forests. Objectives are to grow financial/policy support for the implementation of SFM in the tropics, address market access/customs regulations and international policies for tropical forest products and identify measures to implement and balance sustainable production/consumption in line with the SDGs 2030.

He was previously the Head of Forestry Division/Forestry Attaché of the Indonesian Embassy, Tokyo; Head of Evaluation Division of the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry and Environment; and Forest Program Coordinator of WWF Indonesia.  He graduated from Forestry Faculty of Mulawarman University, Indonesia (1985) and holds a Master degree in Forest Science from ITC-Twente University (1991) and a PhD degree in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences from Wageningen University, the Netherlands (1999).