Education Report 2022

Prof. Fumito Koike (College of Urban Sciences / Graduate school of Environment and Information Sciences)

TargetEducation ProgramCore LectureField PracticeRelated Lectures
Undergraduate StudentsMAB/SDGs Minor Education ProgramUNESCO’s MAB Programme and SDGs
Introduction to ESD
MAB/SDGs Globalization practice
Practices in foreign nature reserves and surrounding societies
Wide range of disciplines from nature to engineering and social sciences
Graduate StudentsUnder PlanningRegional development utilizing UNESCO Biosphere Reserves and related systemsMaster’s thesis research project contributing sustainable development through designing Man and the Biosphere systemNature subjects in ecosystems and social subjects in regional development
Students in Foreign UniversitiesMAB/SDGs International PBLIntroduction to Biosphere ReservesPractices in  nature reserves in Japan and surrounding societies

Contribute to sustainable development by own specialty, at Biosphere Reserves as training area.
The overseas dispatch and overseas invitation programs implemented in 2022 are as follows.

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Overseas dispatch

MAB/SDGs Globalization practice (Undergraduate Students)

DestinationPlaned byNumber of StudentsSupport
ParaguayPart of Paraguay project3 (total 7)JASSO, etc.
Hawaii (USA)Original Plan4no support
MongoliaOriginal Plan1foreign student
ThailandCollaborative education with PSU6JASSO, etc.

Invitation from overseas

MAB/SDGs International PBL (Foreign Universities)

Four graduate students were invited from Prince of Songkhla University (PSU), Thailand in the fiscal year 2022.